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Kitchen Remodeling

Keller, Texas

Outdoor kitchens

Do you love to grill out and host friends and family over for a good ol’ Texan BBQ? Have you ever dreamed of a stainless steel grilling island complete with a mini fridge and custom brick pizza oven? Your backyard is like another room in the house. It’s a statement of your design taste and a one-of-a-kind space to host people of all ages and walks of life. Let us take the reins on your Keller outdoor kitchen and you’ll love being outside more than in doors!

Pool Patios

Lounging by the pool is not a luxury in hot Texas summers, it’s a method of survival. But it can quickly go downhill if your pool or patio is cracked and uneven, overgrown with weeds and downright uncomfortable. Our team of experts would love to transform your Keller patio and pool area into an oasis you never want to leave.

Pool Houses & Sheds

Aside from the pool itself, pool houses and sheds are some of the most time-consuming and taxing backyard features to maintain. What if your Keller pool house or shed was not only cleaned up with a fresh coat of paint but given a whole new makeover? Keeping it organized is a lot easier when it’s not an eye sore, and pool houses can be more than a place to throw all the kids’ toys. Imagine a space that becomes an entertainment hub, an extension of your own home, and a place where your kids and friends always want to hang out? Now that’s a pool house worth keeping around.

Screened Porches & Pergolas

Tiki torches and insect repellant candles only get the job done to a certain point. There comes a time when investing in a screen becomes necessary during the Texas insect season. When you decide your Keller patio or pergola needs a screen, your life will be forever changed. We’ve built screened patios for clients who later told us it became their morning and evening go-to place. They basically live on their porches, enjoying morning coffee and night time reading with no bugs to interfere. Who needs a living room these days when you have a screened patio or pergola to enjoy?

Side Yards & Fences

Side yards and fences are often neglected by their owners. They become rundown, weed overgrown, and unattended until the dog digs a hole or escapes and you’re forced to do something about it. What if your Keller side yard or fence wasn’t the torment of your honey-do list, but a beautiful, efficient space you never knew you wanted? Flower gardens, trash and recycling sheds, and a fresh patch of grass make a big difference in turning an eye sore into a hidden treasure.

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keller patio remodeling
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