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Colleyville Bathroom Remodeling

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Bathroom Remodeling

Colleyville, Texas

Master Bathroom

Your master bathroom is an escape from the world. It’s the quiet place when the kids are being clingy, the place to unwind with a bubble bath after a long week at work, and a personal haven to inspire self-care. Is your master bathroom up to par with your living standards? Or do you cringe when you walk inside, wishing it would magically transform into a Pinterest dream? We specialize in Colleyville bathroom remodeling, and master bathrooms in particular have our affection. We love transforming your personal space into a peaceful escape, whether that looks like a claw-footed tub or a two-person walk in shower. You dream it, we build it.

Hall & Kids Bathroom

Do you walk past the kids’ bathroom as quickly as possible, avoiding eye contact with the chaotic, outdated mess inside? Don’t worry, replacing brass hardware and moldy bathtubs is our specialty. You need a space that’s efficient for you. Bath time should be enjoyed and the cabinets should not be falling off the hinges. Whether your Colleyville bathroom needs the walls re-textured with a fresh coat of paint, a new vanity, or a re-tiled shower, we’re your team.

Half Bath

Half baths live lonely lives. They get the cold shoulder for only having a toilet and a sink, while the full gown bathrooms get all the attention. All jokes aside, do you ever wonder what on earth to do with your half-bath? Instead of it just using up valuable space, what if your half-bath become a stellar design piece of the house? Your guests are the ones most likely to use it, make it a wow-factor, instead of a dreary water closet. Remodeling half-baths is a simple task, and it’s what we’re really good at. If you’re ready to transform your isolated Colleyville half bath into an eye-catching feature your guests will rave about, give us a call.

Pool House Bath

Pool house bathrooms are often disgusting and smelly. Kids track in muddy water and bugs set up camp in the unkempt, dusty corners. Now imagine a different scene. One where the pool bath is nice and shiny with a new pedestal sink and corrugated metal accent walls. The aqua backsplash compliments the pool itself and it’s easy to clean because you don’t hate going inside. This kind of bathroom is one your kids and guests will treat with care, and it’s a lot more convenient to use than running through the house sopping wet. You deserve a pool bath that’s ready for rough and tumble use, yet modernized for guests to enjoy.

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